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Renowned expert in behavioural science and data psychology. Consultant, lecturer, and Sunday Times bestselling author. If there's behaviour to change, I can help.

Patrick Fagan

Behavioural Scientist and

Data Psychologist

Patrick Fagan

Patrick is an applied behavioural scientist: he takes psychology and applies it to real-world problems. That is, he makes money from academia – so much so that comedian David Mitchell once likened him to a ‘mother superior in nipple tassels’ (that’s what’s known as concreteness).

And feel free to call him Pat – research says it makes him more likeable.

Patrick is not your typical behavioural scientist. His business acumen means he is more focused on practical insights and commercial outcomes than his purely academic peers. Also unlike academics, he is a non-conformist, able to see behavioural truths that others may find elusive or uncomfortable – like predicting Coke Life’s demise two years before it was pulled from shelves.

Besides behavioural research and nudging, he specialises in data psychology and generative AI. He was formerly the lead psychologist at Cambridge Analytica (not in the political department).

He now helps blue chip brands understand and change audience behaviour, and has worked at the highest level on political campaigns ranging from local to presidential in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

He lectures at UCL, UAL and Goldsmiths, and has co-authored peer-reviewed papers on topics ranging from Facebook psychology to facial expressions, and a few things in between. He wrote the marketing book Hooked and co-wrote the Sunday Times bestselling book Free Your Mind, on psychological manipulation.

His work is regularly featured in the press (as diverse as The Guardian and The Economist), he provides media commentary for outlets ranging from BBC Three to GB News, and he is a renowned public speaker with past events including Nudgestock and Talks at Google.

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You are surrounded by manipulators: advertisers, politicians, big tech, even the humble waiter who asks, ‘Still or sparkling?’ Learn how to recognise the nudges and dispel efforts to brainwash you. If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.

Free Your Mind

In this insightful and entertaining book, you will learn the amazing secrets of effective communication gleamed in recent years from neuroscience and behavioural economics. You’ll discover 8 simple rules to ensure your messages are never ignored.


Patrick's talk was one of the most popular last year: He perfectly mixed fascinating scientific facts with humour. The room was full and Patrick got amazing feedback.

Talks at Google

Patrick was the perfect speaker, our audience left delighted as he was very engaging and entertaining. He was the perfect mix of insightful, practical and funny.

Entourage BD

His talk was one of the most popular with lots of great feedback from the attendees. He was very well prepared and delivered a mega-insightful session.

The UX Conference

Patrick Fagan was one of the best keynote speakers we have had in a long time! He held the audience's attention captive the entire time he was on stage!

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